We are on a mission to change the way we conceive architecture.

Our history

Residual studio was born out of the dream of an architect with a bold vision and tireless commitment. Unsatisfied with the contemporary practice of designing architecture, based on the uncontrolled use of resources, waste and the creation of spaces without any consideration for the environment, she decided to focus her work exclusively on a new concept.

This concept considers architecture not just as a combination of form and function, but as a combination of form, function and responsibility. Responsibility to contribute to the preservation of our planet, the fight against climate change affecting our society, and responsibility to strongly promote people's well-being through ecological design.

What we believe in

Residual studio was created to demonstrate that it is possible to make any architectural project sustainable, beneficial to health and accessible to any client.

For customers, this means: well-being, health, comfort, savings, innovation, environmental responsibility and direct contact with nature and its elements.

For the future, it means accelerating the transition to fully sustainable architecture, one pioneering project at a time.

arquitetura sustentável - residual studio-sustainable architecture firm in Portugal

Meet the Founder of Residual studio

Katia Talento

Ph.D. Architect and Entrepreneur.

• She has a master's and doctorate in architecture, with a thesis focused on sustainable architecture and the redevelopment and rehabilitation of an abandoned extractive area, through sustainable strategies and the reuse of waste.

• Certified training by the Portuguese Architects' Association on sustainability and circular economy - “From line to circle: analysis of sustainability in architecture and construction”.

• Architecture practice at many architectural firms, in Italy and Portugal.

• Sustainability and circular economy consultant for architectural firms.

• Entrepreneur specializing in architecture, sustainability and digital economy.

• Speaker at several architectural conferences in Europe.

• Author of several articles on sustainable architecture, published in scientific indexed journals.

"Each project will be a statement of commitment to a sustainable future, helping to change the image of contemporary architecture and inspire a greener world."

Katia Talento, CEO.

Latest news

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